April 11, 2016


Gourmet Dining
Susi Gott Séguret says music is food for the soul. And thinks food is music for the palate. A sunny-natured blonde with a brilliant smile, musicians know Susi Gott, the Madison County fiddler, while foodies know her as Susi Gott Séguret, founder of the Seasonal School of Culinary Arts in Asheville, Ithaca, Sonoma and Paris. She’s using an intriguing mix of her mountain childhood and adult life in France to creatively combine her passions.

“My personal favorite, in both music and food, is simplicity,” Séguret said. “I want to hear all the elements in the music like I want to taste all the flavors in a dish. It all goes together.” Raised by two parents who followed their dreams, her father is log cabin building dance caller Peter Gott and mom is artist Polly Gott. Thinking outside the box is “de rigueur.”

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